Henry Ivry

Ship It .

Henry is full-stack engineer with a focus on front-end technologies. As a front-end software engineer, he has worked across many (and without any) JS frameworks, and rolled his own as well. Of note, he’s worked in Backbone, Angular, and React, though of recent, he’s most passionate about React and React Native, which he’s currently employing for his own app stack. This site was built with Hugo .

The Knitty Gritty

Henry joined SOLS as an early hire (employee no. 25 out of over 100) and the first web engineer, and implemented the initial (and current) front-end strategy, architecture, automation, and tools. He also conceived and built internal and external facing web applications, tools, and dashboards with a variety of full-stack technologies. With the responsibility of vetting subsequent web developers, he helped to scale the team to over 10, and remained the lead web team products developer until the hiring of the Director of Engineering.

Prior to SOLS, he worked at the boutique branding firm Monaco Lange as the technical lead and full-stack engineer with an emphasis on front-end technologies. There, he managed engineering teams to build, deploy, and support applications from startups to Fortune 100 companies with such projects as BASF , Eastern Consolidated , Girl Scouts of the USA , and many others. He Interfaced with clients directly and worked closely with a team of designers, user researchers, and copywriters to build and deliver user-centric digital products.